Advanced Process Control

Achieve maximum operational efficiency by applying APC. Optionally integrate planning, scheduling, blending and monitoring control performance in real-time using cloud-based and/or on-premise analytics. 


Advanced Process Control Monitoring and Analytics

Honeywell Forge Control Performance Analytics enables users to identify, prioritize and quantify missed economic opportunities due to deficient Advanced Process Control (APC) performance. As a cloud-capable solution, it fosters collaboration across operations, process engineering, process automation and management teams so that the right decisions can be made in the moment. Covering multiple decades and numerous industries, Honeywell’s APC expertise is embedded in Honeywell Forge Control Performance Analytics, where expert guidance provides users with actionable recommendations. Sustain the benefits of your APC implementation and drive towards peak profitability with Honeywell Forge Control Performance Analytics.

Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices


Maximized Production 


Maximized Yield Of High Value Products


Maximized Energy Savings


Higher Return On Investment

How it works:

Complete Layered Optimization-In-One Product

Optimizes with the with flexibility to select from 2 tiers and 1 add on

Multi-unit and plant-wide optimization

Coordinates in real-time between planning, control, and blending

Vendor Agnostic

Monitors any unit-level APCs, cascades with any unit-level APCs for providing multi-unit and plant-wide optimization

Advanced process control monitoring and analytics

Identifies issues and prioritizes based on financial impact. Presents vendor-neutral data to provides actionable intelligence and compares relative shift performances

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