Spring 2022 Release


  • Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse provides new capabilities to help organizations streamline operations and lower costs.
  • Spring 2022 product release includes new features for current Honeywell software solutions that are used across various industries to accelerate digital transformation.

ATLANTA, May 4, 2022 – Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) today announced the Spring 2022 release of new offerings and enhancements to Honeywell Forge, the leading enterprise performance management software solution, designed to assist customers in accelerating the digital transformation of their operations. This class of offerings, which includes Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse, will help organizations simplify operations and lower costs by providing increased visibility to data as well as real-time insights, monitoring and automation.


Launch of Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse


“Our new Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse offering brings a scalable and cloud-based solution to help distribution centers accelerate their productivity, predictability and transformation strategies,” said Kevin Dehoff, president and CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “We are proud to also introduce several enhancements to our current software solutions across the aerospace, smart buildings and industrial sectors, enabling enterprises to optimize asset performance and drive operational savings.”


Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse provides organizations with two modules that provide real-time visibility across their warehouse site operations and advanced analytics to reduce unplanned downtime, address recurring challenges and automate legacy processes. The Site Operations module features a dashboard that indicates how sites are performing against plan and helps managers identify repetitive bottlenecks and proactively address issues that may impact performance. The interface, which is optimized for tablets, enables enterprise benchmarking, monitors areas such as picking and shipping and makes recommendations to achieve daily targets. Users can use the Honeywell Forge Connect edge solution to connect devices and integrate with standard warehouse systems.


“The environment in today’s retail, e-commerce and supply chain logistics has led to an unprecedented demand for increased fulfillment performance,” said Doug Henschen, VP and principal analyst at Constellation Research. “Nonetheless, awareness towards the state of the warehouse workers, their safety and their wellness and productivity drive innovation in automation. It’s encouraging to see Honeywell Connected Enterprise embracing this vision and supporting automated action through the Honeywell Forge portfolio of SaaS applications.”


Also available is the Asset Performance Management (APM) for Warehouse module, which enables maintenance teams to quickly collaborate on equipment issues that impact performance with remediation recommendations. Operations managers and maintenance managers can use rules-based analytics and asset modeling to identify and analyze trends. Predictive maintenance and asset health monitoring provide leaders with new capabilities to improve operational performance and increase asset availability. Pilot users experienced reductions in unplanned downtime and overtime costs by predicting failures.

“Honeywell continues to build and enhance connected solutions so our customers can succeed with their digital transformation, efficiency and sustainability goals,” said David Trice, chief product officer and general manager, Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “Our new Honeywell Forge Connected Warehouse solution will enable our customers to meet pressing challenges in the supply chain environment with an operational system of record that leverages new insights from OT assets from across the enterprise. We also believe these enhancements to our existing offerings will drive more efficiency and add new operational capabilities across the industries we serve.”

Enhancements to Existing Honeywell Software Solutions


Honeywell is launching enhancements to other software across the aerospace, smart buildings and industrial sectors.


  • The all-new Honeywell Forge Pilot Connect mobile app is our latest aerospace offering, designed to improve fuel savings while engaging flight crews in their companies’ sustainability and efficiency initiatives. The easy-to-use app works with Honeywell Forge Flight Efficiency to provide pilots with briefing information like historic fuel averages, debriefing information like trajectory analytics, and customizable KPIs and targets.
  • For the commercial real estate industry, Honeywell Forge Predictive Maintenance provides near real-time visibility into buildings’ health & performance, and service cases in order to prioritize asset issues based on safety, operational and quality risks.
  • Additionally, Sine occupant experience solutions provide frictionless access to buildings via mobile Bluetooth. Other improvements include new scheduling and capacity planning features along with occupant experience enhancements such as better feedback, information and wayfinding.
  • UniSim® Design now provides a common simulation platform for upstream oil and gas, downstream processing and sustainability. It contains new features for modeling Green H2, CO2 capture, transportation and storage. 
  • Honeywell Forge Inspection Rounds offers new features for industrials customers that allow the capture of images and videos during task execution and the creation of reusable checklists to drive standardization across an organization. Other additions include GPS-enabled monitoring of worker proximity, enhanced capabilities for gaining insights from historical data trends and improved asset identification through NFC tagging.
  • For OT Cybersecurity, Honeywell is rolling out a new Cyber Care services offering to supplement its Process Control Network (PCN) Hardening Service. After completion of the initial PCN hardening services to help industrial companies reduce their OT attack vectors, Cyber Care provides an option to purchase bi-annual onsite Cyber Care visits by Honeywell consultants for maintaining previously implemented networking hardening benefits and identifying potential additional PCN hardening settings for enhanced protection.


Honeywell Forge is a purpose-built software solution on a native edge-to-cloud, data-driven architecture designed to accelerate digital transformation of operations. Explore the Spring Release, learn more about Honeywell Forge, request a demo and follow Honeywell Forge on LinkedIn for the latest news.

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