Honeywell Collaborates With Borealis


The global leader in chemical and polyolefin solutions will implement UniSim Live as early adopters to improve process modeling and plant reliability.

ATLANTA, Feb. 7, 2023 -- Honeywell (NASDAQ: HON) announced today that Borealis will implement Honeywell’s UniSim Live software as early adopters to build process models for optimizing operations through virtual process simulation. UniSim Live will allow Borealis to extend the utility of process models to near real-time process monitoring and focus on early event detection by using digital twins to improve plant reliability.

Based in Austria, Borealis is a leading international provider of polyolefins, base chemicals, and fertilizers, and also one of the world’s largest producers of polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP). The organization continues to invest in new technology and digitalization tools to improve processing capabilities and efficiencies as part of its Borstar™ program to optimize and transform key operations.

“Digitalization is a mega trend and our society is transforming at great speed. At Borealis, we’re constantly striving to stay ahead of the curve. We’re collaborating with recognized market players to develop new digital technologies to optimize our operations, ensuring our customers can continuously rely on us to provide the best possible service,” said Philippe Roodhooft, Executive Vice President, Joint Ventures and Growth Projects at Borealis.

Process models are digital representations of a plant and its processes. They are commonly used for designing process equipment or for training operations staff. UniSim Live’s advanced process modeling  detection capabilities are helping Borealis detect and mitigate issues that can impact plant performance. The collaboration with Borealis builds on Honeywell’s 20-year efforts associated with the Abnormal Situation Management consortium, whose charter is to improve plant safety and reliability.

“Honeywell is proud to work with Borealis to drive digital innovation in their operations, particularly as they use UniSim Live as a key enabler of their process digitalization,” said Kevin Dehoff, president and CEO of Honeywell Connected Enterprise. “We are excited about these new opportunities for UniSim Live as a truly transformative solution.”

UniSim Live will bring its innovative process modeling to customers during launch in the first half of 2023.

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