Legal Terms

The agreements and documents set out in this site when referenced in specific print or electronic documents identified as a “order form”, “proposal”, “agreement” or similar name (the “Order Form”) form the basis of your contractual relationship with Honeywell.


Commercial Terms

The Order Form is the document used to contract for the specific software, software-as-a-service (“SaaS”), products, services and/or other offerings listed in the Order Form (the “Offering”). It defines the parties, the commercial terms (including product and/or services descriptions and statements of work) and sets out the overall agreement structure and applicable terms. 

Sample Order Form

Example for reference. The actual order form will be customized to the Offering. 

Sample SOW

Order forms may reference and attach statements of work (SOWs) that set out the details of the services to be provided.

General Terms

The following terms and conditions are the general terms and conditions that apply to all Offerings regardless of the applicable Offering type or Product Terms. 

General Terms and Conditions (GTCs)
This document sets out the general terms and conditions which apply to the Offering, including, but not limited to, terms which govern confidentiality, choice of law, applicable jurisdiction and which provide the parties’ general rights and obligations. (Revised published to site 1/16/24)

Data Processing Terms
Sets out the terms and conditions that apply to Honeywell's processing of personal data on your behalf. (Revised published to site 12/12/23)

Controller to Controller Annex
Data controller to controller processing annex. (New published to site 12/12/23)

EU Standard Contractual Clauses
Copy of the EU Standard Contractual Clauses. (New published to site 12/12/23)

Offering Terms

The following terms and conditions supplement the GTCs, and apply to the extent that the Offering contracted for in the Order Form include the type of offering listed. 

SaaS Terms
These govern your use and our provision of Software-as-a Service (SaaS) Offerings. (Revised published to site 1/16/24)

Software License
These are the terms and conditions that govern your use of licensed software. (Revised published to site 12/12/23)

Products Terms
These govern the sale and provision of products. (Revised published to site 12/12/23)

Professional Services Terms
These govern the provision of professional services. (Revised published to site 1/16/24)


The following terms and conditions are for use in relation to the evaluation of an Offering and apply if the Offering contracted for in the Order Form references these terms. Where evaluations reference the Part A: Sales Terms the sales terms apply to the evaulation and these terms do not apply. 

Evaluation Terms - These govern your evaluation or trial of an Offering.


Agreement Archive

Past versions of the documents on this site, and the dates on which each document started and ceased to be in effect, may be found here.

Honeywell Forge Subprocessors

The list of current sub-processors of personal data for certain Honeywell Forge Offerings can be found here - List of Honeywell Forge Subprocessors


Cybersecurity Terms – These are applicable to provision Cybersecurity related products, software and services. (Revised published to site 12/12/23)

SMX Terms – These are applicable for sale and purchase of Secure Media Exchange.