The World's Biggest Steel Manufacturer Becomes One of the Smartest

Baosteel drives new efficiencies and quality across its manufacturing process


The ability to transform a business from manual trial-and-error to intelligent automation is no small feat. But when a single, incorrectly-set welding machine costs $545K in stoppages and labor alone—and it’s the cornerstone of your business process—there’s a serious incentive to make the change.


Thanks to a combination of AI and predictive modeling, we analyzed 6,000 welding sessions to develop the first intelligent High-Performance Fusion welding machine management system. It actively monitors the health and efficiency of welding machines, helps evaluate and maintain weld quality, and predicts how to set welding machines for their next operation.


By automating Baosteel’s core manufacturing process with IoT technology, they have increased operator accuracy by a remarkable 96.4%, reduced stoppages by 90%, and cut labor costs to the tune of $450K per year. And turned a big business into a considerably smarter one.

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