Honeywell Accelerates Quality 4.0 through Connected Life Sciences

The life sciences industry continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace – and digital transformation has changed the way we live and work. The one constant that has remained throughout this evolution is quality.

To keep up with the industry’s ever-evolving pace, Honeywell Life Sciences has been leading customers on their journey toward proactive quality with the evolution of its product suite, from TrackWise to TrackWise Digital and QualityWise.ai.

There are exciting innovations in store for TrackWise, Honeywell Life Sciences' leading on-premises software solution. TrackWise, often referred to as the gold standard in enterprise quality management systems, is trusted by hundreds of leading life sciences organizations globally, with more being added all the time, particularly in the APAC region. The latest capabilities for TrackWise will include document management, training management and the ability to make cloud hosting easier on platforms such as AWS and Azure to meet growing demand from emerging pharmaceutical companies in the region. 

TrackWise Digital: Enabling Proactive Quality

TrackWise Digital, Honeywell Life Sciences' SaaS-based quality management solution, brings together quality data across manufacturing, suppliers and the value network to deliver a connected digital ecosystem built for scale and mobility. TrackWise Digital continues to enable proactive quality, which drives better quality, compliance and improved business outcomes across the entire life sciences value network. Recent updates to TrackWise Digital include new features across the platform as well as complaint management, document management and training management that are designed to improve end-user and administrator productivity, visibility and usability.

QualityWise.ai: An Industry First

QualityWise.ai is the industry's first AI-enabled platform designed to augment decision-making. Honeywell Life Sciences' AI-augmented quality processes comb through large volumes of data to provide real-time insights and faster decisions. QualityWise.ai now provides dataset recommendations that can analyze the quality data for readiness, a critical aspect to improving the accuracy of AI insights. Additional UX improvements include advanced criteria configuration, which enables precise placement of AI within quality processes.

Shaping the Future of Quality with Connected Life Sciences

Combining Honeywell’s heritage of industrial and manufacturing process expertise with our experience in quality management best practices to help companies gain quality and operational insights. Honeywell Life Sciences has planned solutions that will help enable design quality, material control, production and process control, facility and equipment control, post-market surveillance and pharmacovigilance.

This will be driven by a core AI and ML engine that delivers descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics and is supported by the new Honeywell Connected Life Sciences framework.  

In doing so, we will enable a connected life sciences ecosystem that provides a closed-loop feedback process of quality, manufacturing, supplier and regulatory data across the product lifecycle.

Our connected life sciences vision rests on three connected elements that all have the patient at the center:

Proactive Quality

Proactive quality is enabled by digital, end-to-end management of critical quality processes. It involves the harmonization of people, culture, technology and processes to identify and correct issues early on in the process, in near real-time. It’s about cultivating a proactive—and ultimately, predictive—mindset inside and outside your four walls.

Intelligent Operations

This includes capabilities such as batch automation, control and visualization that drive quality and manufacturing excellence in a connected plant where quality and operational data are accessible and actionable.

The Integrated Ecosystem

The integrated ecosystem provides secure, end-to-end supply chain visibility from the lab to patient to improve product availability, integrity and patient safety.

Quality Continues to Drive Innovation

Honeywell has cultivated a connected life sciences ecosystem that will improve product quality and efficacy. This ecosystem advances life sciences through proactive quality, making it a critical differentiator in delivering patient value and enabling organizations to predict and prevent product quality issues, empower a culture of quality and reduce costs while increasing efficiency and uptime.

The evolution of Honeywell Life Sciences' products continues to accelerate value and improve product quality and safety across the life sciences. As it has for the past 28 years, quality continues to drive these innovations, which is seen in our latest technology updates.

With these capabilities, Sparta continues to make an impact on the quality of life sciences products around the world, while improving the user experience, enhancing productivity and nurturing innovation.

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