The Power of Energy Management Software

Many organizations today face multiple challenges when it comes to energy management: rising energy costs and volatile energy markets, increased pressure to reduce carbon footprint from stakeholders, customers and regulators, and a lack of visibility and control over their energy consumption.

To overcome these challenges, organizations need a reliable and comprehensive energy management software (EMS) solution that can provide you with the data, insights and actions you need to achieve your energy and sustainability objectives. With all the available EMS solutions in the market, you might want a solution that can integrate with your existing building systems and equipment, provide rich functionality and analytics, and/or offer flexible and scalable deployment options. 

Independent research firm Verdantix has named Honeywell a market leader in EMS in its latest “Green Quadrant: Energy Management Software 2023” report1.  This report provides a detailed, fact-based comparison of the most prominent EMS vendors in the market today based on a 66-point questionnaire, live product demonstrations, customer interviews and global survey data.

What makes Honeywell a market leader in EMS?
According to Verdantix, Honeywell stands out for its continued investment in its versatile data and artificial intelligence (AI) cloud platform Honeywell Forge for Buildings. This platform helps enable customers to monitor, manage and optimize their building performance, energy consumption and carbon emissions from a single dashboard.

Honeywell Forge for Buildings includes Carbon and Energy Management (CEM), a module that supports cost and carbon reductions for users through its integration with a range of building management systems (BMSs) and modeling of connected equipment using industry-standard ontology. The module also leverages machine learning (ML) algorithms to accommodate internal and external data sources, such as occupancy data and energy pricing, to help maximize savings.

Honeywell Forge for Buildings also offers other features and benefits, such as:

  • Near real-time visibility and control of building assets and energy consumption
  • Automated fault detection and diagnosis and predictive maintenance
  • Configurable dashboards and reports for energy and carbon management
  • Energy efficiency project identification and tracking
  • Renewable energy and distributed energy resources integration and optimization

Honeywell is committed to help customers to reduce the environmental impact of buildings and support their energy transition. Vice President and General Manager of Honeywell Connected Buildings Sadiq Syed says, “We are passionate innovators and continue to extend the capabilities of Honeywell Forge for Buildings so we can make every day the best day of operations, and help reduce carbon emissions, energy consumption and lower utility costs for our customers.”

The benefits of Honeywell’s EMS solutions
If you are looking for a proven and powerful EMS solution that can help you overcome the challenges of energy management and achieve your sustainability and efficiency goals, you should consider Honeywell Forge for Buildings. By choosing Honeywell, you can benefit from:

  • A trusted partner with decades of experience and expertise in building technologies and energy management
  • A scalable solution that can adapt to your changing needs and portfolio size
  • A data-driven and AI-powered solution that can provide actionable insights and recommendations
  • A comprehensive and integrated solution that can cover some aspects of energy and carbon management
  • A customer-centric and outcome-oriented solution that can deliver measurable results and value

To learn more about how Honeywell’s leadership in EMS can help benefit your operations, contact us today or explore Honeywell Forge for Buildings. Transform your environment with Honeywell’s next-gen solutions and see how we can help make meeting your sustainability goals a reality.

1Wilson, H., & Stephens, C. (2023). Green Quadrant: Energy Management Software 2023. Verdantix. https://www.verdantix.com/report/green-quadrant-energy-management-software-2023