Leading Traditional Companies To Bleeding Edge Tech

What happens when you get two powerful, determined leaders together to talk transformation? Big ideas happen. Smart strategies, thought-provoking concepts and encouraging trends are shared.

This was exactly the inspirational scene at our Honeywell Connected Forum event, where we featured not just one impressive leader from a global juggernaut, but two: Carol Tomé of UPS and Deb Cupp from Microsoft.

The full session answers challenging questions like:

  • How do you digitally transform work in a company with a large, distributed workforce and field team? 
  • Besides change management, upskilling and culture check-ins, are there other processes that need to be in place to ensure workforce buy-in and success?
  • What have you learned trying to transform the culture to align with the transformation of the company and operations? For instance, Tomé points out that when she got to UPS, it had a strict dress and hairstyle codes. Some even stricter than the US Army! Loosening these restrictions has helped to create a much more inclusive, future-thinking workforce and culture.
  • Why is it so important to view a digital transformation not as a project, but as a journey? It always will be – there is no finish line. Culture needs to keep evolving as we digitally transform and as our customers' expectations change. Microsoft is proud of not being a “know it all” culture but rather a “learn it all” culture.
  • How can you better harness the power of partnerships? Microsoft and Honeywell have worked extremely well together to bring things like AI and other solutions to their customers. Do you have any key partners to your organization? Ones that could accelerate your own digital transformation? 

These are just a few burning questions that got our attendees thinking. To see the entire powerful session go here now to watch!