Pulp and Paper Producer Gains a Stronger USB Firewall and Software Management Across Multiple Sites

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Numerous on-site visitors are coming in and out, plugging in USBs wherever whenever. Some plant managers’ first mind is to ban USBs all together to eliminate the potential cybersecurity risks removable media poses to their operations.

Unfortunately, such a policy is not 100% effective. One of Honeywell’s continued customers experienced a similar scenario. The pulp and paper producer trusted Honeywell consultants to begin the company’s cyber journey with a site-bysite level USB management program.

After a successful installation and implementation of Honeywell’s Secure Media Exchange (SMX), the pulp and paper producer engaged with Honeywell OT cybersecurity consultants again for an enterprise-wide roll-out of SMX.

Within the new roll-out, the customer needed:

  • A way to manage removable media, logs and files remotely across the enterprise
  • A centralized distribution of SMX’s Client Enforcement Driver software
  • A USB firewall SMX met the client’s expectations with its:
    • Enterprise Threat Management portal, which allows users to manage removable media, logs and files–remotely.
    • Honeywell consultants who skillfully configured and distributed the Client Enforcement Driver software from anywhere
    • TRUST Technology feature, where Honeywell consultants created an enforceable USB security program. This program offers a granular level of control over which USB-based devices (e.g., storage media, mouse, mobile phones, etc.) can connect and how each device operates. 


The low maintenance solution enabled the pulp and paper producer to gain control over the secure use of USBs with advanced threat detection capabilities across the enterprise.

The customer gained highly customizable rules to have a more granular control over USB usage using the TRUST USB authorization behavior. These behaviors can be configured using the optional SMX rules file, enabling the customer to choose which devices are allowed, who is allowed to connect, when devices are connected and how devices are handled. Additionally, SMX can be remotely updated so the customer can focus on what matters most, producing pulp and paper.

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