Project Odyssey

Thai Oil leverages Honeywell Forge in a strategic digital transformation project to support growing demand and stay competitive. 



In the tropical Southeast Asian country of Thailand, a region with nearly 70 million people, domestic crude oil reserves are declining, so the country imports a significant share of its total oil consumption – more than 875,000 barrels per day – to support growing demand.1

At its core, Thai Oil is one of the country’s leading refineries and is headquartered in Bangkok with its key facility positioned in Sriracha, in the Cholburi province of Thailand. In addition to refinery, Thai Oil also produces various products in petrochemicals, solvents and lubricants, to name a few. To serve the company’s vision and the country’s fuel demand, Thai Oil embarked on a sizeable Clean Fuels Project (CFP) to expand plant complexity and capacity to nearly 400 KBPD by 2023. 


Digitalization is one of the corporate strategies set forth to leverage digital technology in all business functions to create more productivity and efficiency. To stay competitive, Thai Oil implemented a digital transformation project named "Odyssey" with some quick-win initiatives since 2017 to kick-start the journey.

To reach these economic and operational objectives, Thai Oil needed to deploy an efficient tool to improve monitoring, performance tracking and execution of plant processes. They were attempting to manage the situation using in-house applications which yielded varying inconsistent applications of the information and needed a standardized way to monitor operating targets. The objective was to improve reliability, efficiency, utilization, product recoveries and visibility for operational teams and executives.

After exploring the potential benefits of implementing an operator advisory solution, and observing the track record and successes in similar operations, Thai Oil decided to implement Honeywell Forge Operations Management.

This solution aims to help Thai Oil to become a high-performance organization by implementing: 

  • Digital dashboards to enhance productivity and visibility of process units
  • Efficient tools to help improve process plant monitoring, performance tracking and faster execution of monthly performance reports in quantifiable monetary terms
  • On-line benchmarking of key performance parameters giving by Solomon/PTAI to improve work process streamlining
  • View of each level from top management to operational level
  • Near-real-time data communication in electronic log for all process areas and business units

Now in the configuration process, one of the first benefits is the realization and understanding of where Thai Oil is not achieving critical targets. With this new solution, Thai Oil will have a consistent application of processing targets across the site and is able to focus on moving forward with more of the energy optimization targets and building a standardized stewardship process around them. 


Honeywell Forge Operations Management solutions help plants proactively monitor, document and operate their processes, helping to better ensure the integrity of plant operations always remain intact and aligned with today’s operational best practices. With tools designed to help manage and control critical limits, shift handovers and process deviations, this solution helps industrial organizations boost reliability, safety and efficiency with a comprehensive solution developed from the ground up. 



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