Motor Oil Refinery

A cybersecurity case study


Motor Oil Refinery

Cybersecurity Case Study

Around production environments, the main concern was always the efficiency of the production output. The risks of operational technology (OT) cybersecurity were unknown for many years. 

However, that all changed as the need for knowing what is connected, where it’s connected and how it’s connected became imperative. 

As cybersecurity is a necessity for oil and gas, the integrity of the OT network is very crucial for the safety and operation of Motor Oil refinery.

Learn how Honeywell engineers and Motor Oil engineers collaborated to build out the most efficient OT cybersecurity plan with two priorities at the forefront: maintaining network security and being able to provide a safe and healthy workplace.

“Honeywell was the organization that had cybersecurity experts who were able to reach our target. With our OT DCS engineers, their mentality, and existing collaboration with Honeywell engineers, we had a solid foundation to build on.” – Ioannis Minoyiannis, Head of Automation, Motor Oil

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