Lulu Intl. Achieves Corporate Social Responsibility Goals with Honeywell

Lulu International Turns to Honeywell for Sustainable Solutions

15% Energy Savings Within 18 Months

Quickly Identified Unrecognized Problem with Chiller Sequence of Operation


Lulu International known for being a trend setter in the retail industry, needed an energy optimization solution to help aid in their retail division sustainability initiatives. The popular retailer, with over 240 stores across the globe, includes sustainability as a large part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and commitment to the community.

With worldwide operations covering business divisions in the retail segment, the large retailer turned to Honeywell Forge for their leading-edge solutions to help assist in a whole range of business challenges such as energy optimization and enterprise performance management (EPM).

Connecting with Honeywell through their partner Mackins Trading & Contracting, the organization began to implement Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization and Predictive Maintenance solutions with its central AC units, freezers and chillers in an attempt to reduce their carbon footprint and increase their energy savings. 


Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization is a cloud-based solution that works to help our customers improve sustainability through the power of data and autonomous control. The solution monitors and analyzes near real-time conditions data including things like weather and occupancy levels at every site. It then helps the customer determine the optimum values for chiller water temperature, pump speed or fan speed in Air Handling Units (AHUs) and helps determine HVAC set point adjustment suggestions to help maintain peak efficiency. 

Honeywell Forge Predictive Maintenance is an EPM solution that provides AI-based alerts, recommendations and KPI-visibility enabling the retail stakeholders to view energy consumption, asset availability and zone-by-zone comfort across their entire portfolio.

Average 15% HVAC Energy Savings for the 18 months of Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization operational use at site


As Honeywell and the retailer continued to work together, the Honeywell EPM experts were able to gain a deep understanding and analysis of the customer’s requirements. By implementing Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization and Predictive Maintenance solutions on their central AC units, freezers and chillers at one retail location, the company was able to save approximately 4,408,000 Kw of energy in the span of only 18 months.

This 15% energy savings, compared to the organizations baseline, has helped them get closer to reaching their sustainability goals. Looking to continue to address more business drivers in relation to sustainability and cost savings, Honeywell has started a regional roll out of Honeywell Forge solutions for the retail organization, and already completed two new installations, the third one being under progress.


Mr. Shaijan M.O., Regional Director of Lulu Hypermarket Qatar said, “We are quite happy with the services being extended by Honeywell to support our ongoing sustainability initiatives towards reducing the carbon footprint and increasing the energy savings in our entire retail operations in the region.  The outcome of their association with us was highly impressive that we could record 15% energy savings and considerable amount of reduction in the carbon footprints within a short span of 18 months through implementation of their ‘Honeywell Forge Energy Optimization and Predictive Maintenance solutions’ on our central AC units, freezers, and chillers.  We proudly undertake that Honeywell epitomizes the great qualities of time-bound implementation and guaranteed results towards energy optimization and reduction of carbon footprints”.

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