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With over tens of thousands of OT & IoT devices that are divided into multiple production floors, a manufacturer needed a solution that can help limit their exposure to potential cyber attacks. The company’s IT and OT security teams needed more accurate network visibility and controls to improve their production availability, reliability, and security. They also needed forensics and incident response capabilities in their OT environments.


Increased near real-time visibility into their complex production environment with ongoing monitoring of exposure to risks and predictive warnings. The IT and OT teams now have a tool designed to provide continuous threat detection of identified malicious and other anomalous activities. This tool helps them support their largescale OT networks with reduced efforts, costs, and resources, while helping them improve their ability to provide timelier and more effective incident response capabilities.

This manufacturer operates one of the largest manufacturing facilities in Europe and produces more than 20 different products in one 1,100,000 m² mega-factory.

To enhance its position as a global leader in the consumer electronics manufacturing industry, they constantly adopt new Industry 4.0 technologies that can help increase productivity and cut production costs.


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A Turkish manufacturer operates tens of thousands of OT & IoT devices that are interconnected amongst themselves. The devices are connected to IT systems, and in some cases, are connected directly to the Internet. As an exporter to 155 countries worldwide, and with products that have been rebranded by leading Japanese and American vendors such as Toshiba, Hitachi, Polaroid, JVC, Panasonic, and others, they cannot afford any unnecessary downtime.

Given their constantly scaling OT infrastructure, the manufacturer’s IT and OT security teams realized that a lack of accurate visibility and control tools could potentially affect the company’s production availability, reliability and security. In response, their internal security team searched for a solution that would provide them with the necessary visibility and control over their complex OT environment. The solution they were seeking needed the ability to support the unique characteristics of their OT equipment and protocols, their large number of devices, and high data traffic volume – without affecting their operational network’s performance.


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"By integrating Cyber Insights into our environment, we were finally able to add OT visibility and monitoring to our ongoing security operations.”



After examining a variety of solutions, the manufacturer determined that Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity+ | Cyber Insights was the best solution for their needs, as it helps to provide them with continuous visibility, risk management and threat detection while supporting their large-scale, highly complex OT networks. Once Cyber Insights was implemented in the production environment, the manufacturer had the capability to immediately discover all the devices within the network and all the protocols that were used, and to provide improved security coverage to the entire facility. The results enabled them to digitalize their entire asset inventory and reduce their risk from attacks on their OT networks.

In addition, Cyber Insights had the capability to provide their security team with interactive network maps that allowed them to explore the connections between the identified assets. Despite the tens of thousands of assets and high traffic volume, the Cyber Insights user interface is designed to be extremely responsive and to provide quick and easy access to all the processed data. Following the discovery stage, the manufacturer’s IT & OT security teams then had the capability to constantly monitor the network and measure their security level improvements. Cyber Insights helped them to detect numerous risks and threats such as rouge internet connectivity, weak authentication, unauthorized and abnormal industrial commands, and the detection of potential malicious activities.


Honeywell offers OT Cybersecurity solutions that are designed to help customers better protect industrial and building assets, operations and people from digital-age threats. With more than 25 years of OT cybersecurity experience and more than 100 years of control industry domain experience, Honeywell combines proven cybersecurity technology and industrial know-how to help customers maximize productivity, improve reliability and increase safety.

We provide innovative cybersecurity software, services and solutions that are designed to help customers better protect assets, operations and people at industrial and critical infrastructure facilities around the world. Our state-of-the-art Cybersecurity Centers of Excellence allow customers to safely simulate, validate and accelerate their industrial cybersecurity initiatives.


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