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Operational Technology Maturity Assessment

Is your organization starting your operations digital transformation journey? Are you looking for new digital opportunities to improve operational performance?

Benchmarking of your Operational and Information Technology maturity is the first step in discovering new opportunities. Opportunities to improve operational performance, and to serve as a springboard to a holistic Operational Technology (OT) transformation.

We provide a rigorous, in-depth assessment which identifies customers’ technological maturity across all key workflows, which is core to delivering value. This data and interview-driven assessment identifies key gaps in technological readiness in relation to peers which leads directly to OT investment priorities & a value-driven transformation roadmap.

This assessment is intended to be conducted at the early stage of an OT transformation strategy. Opportunities will be identified through the diagnostic, providing leaders the ability to move directly into developing recommendation charters, prioritization, and a 5 years roadmap.



  • Technology scoring across the 7 critical workflows required to run a plant profitably and safely
  • In-depth analysis of 24 key workflow sub-components
  • Identified gaps against leading peers in each dimension
  • Roadmap for development of capabilities to close gaps (depending on level of depth of the study)

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