AI Powered Data Liquidity Software for Digital Transformation


Honeywell Forge Data Unity

Turns enterprise IT and OT data into knowledge. Delivers business insights on enterprise-level KPIs

Enterprise Data Integration Platform

Access Any Data

Connect, collect and blend IT and OT data from data silos. Ingest from over 200+ data sources.

Contextualize Data

Applies business domain context. Makes it easier to understand and useful for more people.

Power With AI

Uses AI engine for data cleansing and standardization. Run your own ML on integrated data layer for additional value.

Enable Business Value

Drastically reduces time to insights for digital transformation initiatives from months and years to days and weeks.

Key Features

Enterprise Scale Data Liquidity

Support for 200+ data sources out of the box with seamless integration with data from enterprise scale systems such as ERPs, CRMs, data-warehouse, data lakes, etc.

Business Domain Ready Solution

Built-in functional domain knowledge for business operations such as supply chain, procurement, sales, MDM and more.

IT and OT Data Convergence

Connect and onboard structured and semi-structured IT and OT data.

Single View of Your Data

Provides a single view of data that highlights interrelated relationships between customers, suppliers, products and more to drive cross-domain analytics.

Cloud-first enabled

Deployed in customer’s public cloud subscription with support for end-to-end encryption.


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