A Leader of Industrial EPM

Recipient of the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices in Technology Innovation Leadership Award

*2020 Frost & Sullivan Award Winner*

Leading Digital Transformation Through Innovation

Together, our AI-driven autonomous buildings solution and the SAP Cloud for Real Estate solution enable building owners and managers to reposition their portfolios through newly identified efficiencies. Honeywell Forge for Real Estate Operations offers a near-real-time view across complex real estate portfolios providing predefined data sets and KPI’s for insights into critical business domains.

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Frost & Sullivan recognized best-in-class products, companies and individuals who drive innovation, excellence and a positive change in the global economy.

“The mission of our Best Practices Awards is to recognize people and organizations that have accomplished an innovative or disruptive breakthrough. Many of our awardees have toiled for months and years to make a difference in their companies and industries. Our awards give these industry leaders a change to take a step back to reflect and celebrate with those who made it possible.”

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Outperform Operational Expectations with Honeywell Forge

Honeywell Forge provides near-real-time data with predictive analytics to identify critical issues before they become failures. When applied to multiple plant assets across your enterprise, you’ll outperform existing operational expectations.

*Enterprise Performance Management*

Digital Transformation Begins with Honeywell Forge

Our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities to unify data, decision making and business goals with scalable solutions for any industry.