APC And Artificial Intelligence

Operational efficiency is an important driver for success in minerals processing.   The application of algorithms which use data from the process to identify new improvement opportunities – a “data-driven” approach – has shown great benefit in the mining and minerals industry.  

Advanced Process Control (APC) is built on multivariable, model-based predictive control (MVPC) techniques. While APC remains the dominant technique for optimizing continuous processes, new technologies are emerging. New data-driven empirical methods, popularly described as Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Machine Learning (ML), expand the toolset we have. An open question though is how best to use these techniques. Do they replace APC? Do they assist APC? Do they solve a whole new class of problems? The paper takes a look at some ways that AI/ML can be used in the process industries, and how that impacts the traditional APC space.

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