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The Honeywell Forge Corrosion Advisor Suite addresses Crude & Vacuum Unit, Hydrocracker, FCC, Amine, Sour Water & Sulphuric Acid Alkylation units for Refining and Petrochem downstream units  and corrosive Gas Plants for Upstream

Predict® helps users predict and control carbon steel corrosion and erosion in CO2 and H2S environments. It is applicable to most Oil & Gas environments, as well as a number of midstream, pipeline and downstream applications. Download PIN

Socrates® is a comprehensive corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) material selection system for corrosive oil and gas applications. It enables users to make consistent, optimized choices based on real corrosion engineering data and rigorous materials engineering guidelines. Download PIN

Predict®-Amine enables gas plants and refineries to predict and quantify corrosion in rich and lean amine systems and plan safe operating procedures. It helps planners and plant managers make appropriate financial and engineering decisions related to material performance and selection for corrosive amine applications. Download PIN

Predict®-SW accurately predicts corrosion rates for typical process plant materials in corrosive alkaline sour water environments (NH4HS). Such environments are present in refinery applications such as hydrotreating, hydrocracking, sour water strippers, and many more locations. Download PIN

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