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Scalable Solutions For Digital Transformation

As industrial enterprises digitally transform by connecting operational technology (OT) assets and enabling remote capabilities, securing critical infrastructures is fundamental in protecting business continuity. With increasing cybersecurity risks, growing regulations, and complex industrial control systems (ICS), companies need a simple, centralized way to administer enterprise cybersecurity.

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Suite

Simplify, Scale, and Strengthen OT Cybersecurity at a Single Site or Across an Enterprise

Single Site Asset Discovery and Inventory with Risk Monitoring

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Site has passive and active methods built for industrial operations. Additionally, the software offers continuous monitoring and scoring of cybersecurity risks to help with faster response times to cyber threats and operational issues in the OT environment.

Multi-site Secure Remote Access, Secure Content Transfer, Enterprise Security and More

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Enterprise Core is designed for multiple ICS environments and sites needing secure remote access solutions and offers:

  • Secure Remote Access:

    Advanced granular controls designed for industrials

  • Secure Content Transfer:

    With built-in, file-based threat detection

  • Enterprise Security:

    Centralized management with one or more site-level virtual security engines (VSEs)

Honeywell Forge Enterprise Data Management | Executive

Honeywell Forge Cybersecurity Enterprise Premium is optimal for multi-site environments with advanced OT cybersecurity operations requirements and offers all the Enterprise Core features, plus:

  • Asset Discovery and Inventory:

        Automatically find and catalog assets

  • Asset Monitoring and Alerting:

        Detect and warn of threats to individual assets

  • Software Patch and Antivirus (AV) Management:

        Ensure assets have the latest approved security updates

  • Risk and Compliance Monitoring:

        Real-time monitoring to ensure operations are running as designed

Secure Media Exchange (SMX)

Enforceable Enterprise USB Device and Removable Media OT Cybersecurity Solution


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