Honeywell Worker Assist

Provide access to expertise on-demand and real-time contextual information to transform the way field personnel operate.   

Work Smarter with Digital Assistance.

Honeywell Worker Assist is a SaaS-based workforce productivity mobility application for your deskless mobile workers. It's aimed at improving decision-making, boosting worker efficiency, and enhancing operational performance. The solution offers a productive collaborative environment for field teams and remote experts to work together.

What Is Inside Of Honeywell Worker Assist?

Seamless Collaboration

  • Instant access to a remote expert via video conference, audio or instant messaging
  • Over-the-shoulder experience so experts see exactly what the field worker sees
  • Collaborative, productive environment to share annotations and get access to documentation

Access To Information*

  • Standardized, step-by-step work instructions and video procedures
  • Access to supplementary information for diagnostics and investigation
  • Access to asset and process information including historical data, events and notifications

*Roadmap planned feature. Any descriptions of future product direction, intended updates or new or improved features or functions are intended for informational purposes only and are not binding commitments on us and the sale, development, release or timing of any such products, updates, features or functions is at our sole discretion.

Contextual Insights

  • Contextual visualization of relevant asset and process parameters
  • Immediate access to site and area alarms and notifications
  • Access to contextual documents and instructional video procedures

Knowledge Digitization

  • Capture complex or error prone tasks for training and support purposes
  • Faster comprehension through a learning while doing approach
  • Coaching and knowledge transfer in real-time

Device Agnostic

  • Smart devices and tablets with support for all major operating systems
  • Honeywell Forge Intelligent Wearables – handsfree and voice enabled

Augment The Productivity Of Your Field Workers

Reduce The Time On Task
Expedite the execution of field tasks with over the shoulder expert assistance and access to contextual information.

Improve Team Collaboration
Effectively exchange information and observations between workers and experts within a media rich environment.

Minimize Human Errors
Provide access to on-demand instructional content before or during the execution of a job to boost confidence.

Close The Loop With The Enterprise
Provide visibility of relevant asset and process data from surrounding management systems and historians.

Scale Based On Your Evolving Needs
Rapidly accommodate demand for new users and use cases with cloud-based deployments, self-service management tools.

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