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Orchestrate Production Excellence: Plan, operate and optimize your industrial operations to ensure that production is carried out in the safest, most efficient and profitable manner.

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Leverage Production Best Practices

Commercial success depends on an organizations ability to consistently make profitable supply chain decisions. Each purchase and sales decision has significant associated inventory and production costs. These decisions require fast insights from production plans, schedules, equipment availability, commodity prices and reconciled inventory. Honeywell Forge Production Management offerings enable optimized production value chain decisions by applying industry proven analytics and intelligent workflows to supply chain data. Organizations can make fast, profitable and consistent decisions that increase throughput, reduce losses, optimize inventory and increase overall supply chain reliability while meeting product quality requirements.

Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices


Margin Improvement*


Reduction in losses*


Reduction in inventory*


Improvement in throughput*


Reduction in balance closing time*


Supply chain reliability improvement*

* Honeywell Forge Production Management Customer Observed Outcomes

How it works

Solutions For Continuous Processes

Honeywell Forge Production Management enables organizations in the Refining, Upstream Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Metals and Minerals industries to consistently make profitable supply chain decisions to maximize commercial success. Whether making purchasing, inventory or supply decisions, or closing period balances, our solutions use a structured approach to overcome supply chain integration challenges with speed and accuracy. 

Solutions For Semi-continuous Processes

Honeywell Forge Production Management enables organizations in the Pulp & Paper industry to transform their business by increasing competitive advantage and overall profitability.  It delivers the flexibility required to handle the complexities of manufacturing and meet customer requirements by providing unprecedented levels of visibility and accessibility to data driven, cost-influenced intelligence.

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