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Industry-Leading Approach to Corrosion Management

For Oil & Gas and Refining industries seeking to move from reacting to corrosion damage to a more proactive and effective approach, Honeywell Corrosion Suite provides the next generation of corrosion management solutions. Unlike conventional corrosion management methods, we employ unique prediction models that encapsulate deep expertise and extensive process data to correlate corrosion rates to specific process units, damage mechanisms, and operating conditions. Using Honeywell’s tools, global major companies have achieved significant operational and business benefits.

Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices

Safety & Reliability

Improve asset integrity and reliability, and prevent catastrophic failures.

Supply Chain

Make flexible, advantageous crude choices without raising corrosion levels ($7M/yr customer example)

Operating Costs

Optimize operations while controlling corrosion rates and reducing maintenance costs. ($60M customer unit failure avoided)

Capital Expenditures

Reduce capital expenditures through optimized metallurgy selection. ($10M customer savings via improved metallurgy choices)


Choice of Metallurgy

Improve Material Selection Capabilities – Predict software improves your ability to recommend and select equipment metallurgy based on corrosion conditions.

Impact of Operating Conditions

Better understand the relationship between operating conditions and corrosion damage – Predict solutions enable engineers to accurately determine the impact of operating conditions on different materials.

Impact of Design

Enhance Plant Design to Minimize Corrosion – Predict software allows engineers to evaluate different equipment options by comparing different designs and their impact on corrosion rates.

Impact of Operational Changes

Optimize Operations Without Increasing Corrosion – Predict solutions enables engineers to optimize plant operating conditions and assess their effects on corrosion rates.

Impact of Crude Selection

Take Advantage of Expanded Crude Choices – Predict solutions help refineries optimize feedstock selection without exceeding operating limits or increasing corrosion rates, while maintaining profitability.

Opportunity Crudes

Improve Your Supply Chain Flexibility – Predict software allows you to make advantageous crude selections, including the ability to process less expensive crude oils while staying within operating limits and without raising corrosion levels.

Impact of Operational Changes

Recognize How Changes Affect Corrosion – Predict solutions can help you better understand how changes in process operating conditions can ultimately lead to unacceptable corrosion rates.

Integrity Operating Windows

Enhance Real-time Operations Monitoring – Predict software helps plant operators define Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and monitor corrosion rates to minimize the impact of corrosion on process equipment.

Inspection Scheduling & Planning

Expand Your Visibility on Corrosion Rates – With Predict solutions, you can gain a better view of real-time asset integrity to allow for updated inspection schedules while still complying with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

Incident Investigation: Root Cause Analysis

Determine the Cause of Corrosion Incidents – Predict software enables engineers to perform comprehensive “what-if” analyses during investigations to get to the root cause of unexpected corrosion issues.

Choice of Metallurgy

Evaluate Design and Material Changes – Predict solutions provide the tools needed to thoroughly evaluate the ramifications of plant design and metallurgy selection for your critical production processes.

Integrity Operating Windows

Improve Reliability and Asset Integrity – Predict software gives refineries the flexibility to define Integrity Operating Windows (IOWs) and include corrosion as a process variable.


Joint Industry Programs (JIP)

A Smarter Approach to Corrosion Technology

Honeywell Predict Corrosion Suite utilizes the work of our Joint Industry Programs (JIPs), which enlists leading operating companies, engineering firms, and material suppliers to research common corrosion issues faced by the industry. During our JIPs, we replicate corrosive environments in multiple, rigidly-controlled experiments, quantify corrosion, analyze the results and correlate corrosion rates to quantifiable operating conditions that can be measured in industrial environments.

Honeywell’s Joint Industry Programs provide an unbiased research platform so that all the sponsoring companies benefit from the research data that can bring in benefits worth millions of dollars when applied. Specialized corrosion engineering and research services make sure that all common industrial corrosion problems are accurately identified and solved.

Technical Services and Laboratory

Corrosion Testing and Research by Recognized Corrosion Experts

Honeywell’s world-class corrosion laboratory, the only facility of its kind in the industry, replicates real-world plant conditions and uses repeatable measurement data to generate accurate corrosion models. The laboratory also provides a host of standard and tailored corrosion testing services.

Honeywell offers a range of corrosion laboratory services for evaluation of all forms of material degradation at its purpose-built laboratory for corrosion and materials testing. These include general and localized corrosion, sulfide stress cracking, stress corrosion cracking, hydrogen embrittlement and cracking to corrosion fatigue and metal dusting. In addition, Honeywell offers an extensive array of tools to characterize critical corrosion problems in multiple industry segments, including the effects of flow conditions, which helps customers in corrosion protection at their plants. Its experts combine the experience of several decades to help users define the limits of service for their equipment and materials, or act as a de-facto in-house research facility.


Oil & Gas

Software to Accurately Determine Corrosion Rates


Solutions to Predict Corrosion Ahead of Time


Powerful Tools to Prevent Pipeline Failure


Real-time Intelligence to Monitor Internal Corrosion


Real Time Asset Integrity

Corrosion Prediction and Material Selection

Corrosion Transmitters

Risk Assesment

Customer Successes

"Corrosion was something which was only looked after by the inspection and the corrosion people but now with Predict-RT, it is like a live operating corrosion measurement and the entire refinery know exactly what is happening"

- Reliance Industries Limited -JIP Member

"We use Predict-SW in projects to select materials for new process plants and in supporting our assets to understand if they have the proper materials in place and how to manage the corrosion that we are predicting"

- Shell Global Solutions -JIP member

"We take the experience that Honeywell has from testing to leverage one off testing and assessments so we can target particular crude feedstocks and understand how that affects particular refineries"

- Shell Global Solutions -JIP member

"The outcome of JIP has been beneficial to us in managing the corrosion in our refineries. The technical staff is very good, they have put a lot of innovative thinking. The outcome exceeds our expectations"

- British Petroleum-JIP Member

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