Honeywell Workforce Competency

Improve plant productivity and safety with advanced training solutions based on digital twins.

Reduce Cost and Risk with Dynamic Digital Twins.

Honeywell Workforce Competency is designed to improve the skills and competency of today’s industrial workforce. This integrated, holistic solution enables process industry organizations to deliver comprehensive training for console and field operators to help ensure plant reliability and maximize overall performance.

How it works

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Achieve Reliable And Optimized Production

Improving production capacity while maintaining reliability requires operator’s understanding and control of current plant operating conditions.

Honeywell Process Training Simulator is a dynamic plant simulation system that allows users to accelerate knowledge transfer by consolidating an entire lifetime of experience into a concise process training curriculum; features realistic process, control and safety systems modeling.

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer to operators
  • Deliver earlier operating profits with faster startups
  • Protect profits through incident avoidance
  • Safeguard plant assets and the environment

Manage And Sustain Operator Competency

Managing a workforce to ensure it has the correct level of competency to work safely and effectively is a significant challenge when external pressures are leading to early staff retirements, regulatory requirements are becoming stricter and there is a trend toward increased operational complexity.

Honeywell Curriculum is a customizable competency model that aligns and perfects critical requisite skills and behaviors helping businesses define, deploy and manage a structured competency program.

  • Accelerate knowledge transfer to operators
  • Deliver earlier operating profits with faster start-ups
  • Protect profits through incident avoidance
  • Protect plant assets and the environment 

Honeywell Tutor is a knowledge capture and propagation tool that provides a repository for domain knowledge and experiences and teaches and evaluates “what if” reflexes and diagnostic abilities.

  • Effectively capture and disseminate knowledge across your organization
  • Systematically augment the competencies of your workforce against process and plant specific conditions 

Remote, Scalable Access To Training

Efficiently scaling training programs to ensure enterprise wide operator competency regardless of their location is critical to operate process plants more safely and efficiently.

Honeywell Interactive Process Training is a cloud-deployed simulator-based learning and development service that helps operators develop skills, gain knowledge and experience, and develop critical behaviors on-demand.

  • Deploy ready to use training securely anywhere, anytime
  • Scale training as needed by the unit, site or the entire corporation 

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