Real-Time Optimization For Industrial Transformation

Complex processes, thousands of variables, and operational silos can make facility or enterprise-wide real-time optimization a challenge. Honeywell Plantwide Optimizer offers a simpler approach to the optimization problem for Oil and Gas, Refining, Petrochemicals, and Mining Mineral and Metal.

Easy to understand, manage and maintain, Honeywell Plantwide Optimizer is a multilayer solution which inherits a business planning model, acquires underlying operating constraints from unit level APC models, and delivers an end-to-end optimization solution in real time. Honeywell’s patented techniques dynamically optimize the plant and always ensure a feasible solution, driving enterprise decision making in real time.

A Simpler Approach To Enterprise Optimization

Speed and Agility

Run every minute before steady state conditions are reached, using dynamic models, resulting in real-time feedback and precise control.

Comprehensive Scope

Manage inventory and deliver optimal material routing across the enterprise by integrating process optimization with planning and blending operations.

Authenticated Feasible Solution

Can be run from enterprise planning down to individual process units by using patented technology proxy limit and decision variables.


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