Exceed Asset Reliability Goals

Drive end-to-end asset reliability from consulting services through implementation to ensure your identified business outcomes are achieved. Honeywell’s asset performance management solution merges decades of machine modeling experience with modern cloud analytics. The holistic offering uses digital twins to help predict machinery availability, drill to the root cause of inefficiencies, and enhance strategic maintenance planning. The solution deploys rapidly through prebuilt asset libraries and standard tools that accelerate time to value. Enterprise scalability is enabled via an interoperable vendor-agnostic platform using flexible prescriptive modules which provide energy and emissions calculations used to optimize efficiency. And early detection empowers proactive correction before failure without over-maintaining equipment.

Unlock the Benefits of Best Practices

1-4% per year*

Plant Availability / Reliability Improvement

Up to 30% per week*

Worker Productivity Waste Elimination 

Up to 10%*

Operation and Maintenance Cost Reduction

increase in throughput

Up to 5%*

Energy Reduction Fuel Cost Savings

increase in throughput

*Average results based on over 100 Honeywell Forge Asset Sentinel installations and over 50,000 assets monitored globally across Honeywell Industrial customers for 2018-2019  

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