Maximize Site Performance. Minimize Maintenance Costs.

Real-time predictive analytics, equipment models and easy-to-use dashboards work together to show current building performance, identify improvements, and help service teams track corrective actions to conclusion. Performance+ | Site Performance is the new foundation for maintenance service contracts and brings significant enhancements to the analysis of building performance.

What Performance+ | Site Performance Does

The Honeywell Forge Advantage

Digitally Transform Building Maintenance

25¢ / ft2

Energy Optimization*

03¢ / ft2

Compliance Avoidance*

10¢ / ft2

Maintenance Productivity*

* Calculation based on observed outcomes of Honeywell Forge customers in the period 2018-2022. Results may vary depending on square footage and facility digitization maturity levels.  

How it works

Portfolio KPI Visibility

Increase visibility into site performance and monitor strategic portfolio KPIs:

  • Zone Comfort Performance
  • Asset Availability
  • Energy Consumption
  • Service Case Performance

Anomaly Detection & Real-Time Predictive Analytics

Real-time asset performance monitoring powered by analytical models and early fault detection algorithms.

Service Case Management

Centralized control provides quick assessment of asset issues via trends and live values including resolution recommendations. Remotely prioritize, update, assign, track, and resolve service cases.

24/7 Mobile Monitoring

Take Performance+ | Site Performance on the go. 24/7 mobile monitoring capabilities allows for control of building operations and quick issue assessment and response when in the field.*

*Current availability: iOS 14 and above enabled mobile devices, excluding tablets. Mobile devices are not provided by Honeywell.

Plug-and-Play Wireless Sensors

Quickly instrument assets and connect to the cloud with wireless, battery powered IoT sensors as part of a complete predictive maintenance solution.


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