Multi-Tenant Visitor Needs, One Solution

Managing a multi-tenant facility is challenging. Building operators are expected to provide technology solutions that enhance and simplify the day-to-day occupant and visitor experience. However, when tenants have unique needs and configurations it can lead to conflicts and a confusing visitor experience. Sine Lobbies multi-tenant solution simplifies the visitor journey into a single kiosk that tenants manage themselves based on their requirements.

Sine Lobbies Features and Benefits

Lower OpEx With Hardware Costs

Get the right number of kiosks for your facility, not just one for each tenant. With every tenant visible on every kiosk, make hardware decisions based on visitor volume or space layout.

Customization For Every Tenant

Simplify your Sine Lobbies instance by handing back management where needed. Tenants directly manage their check-in forms, requirements, approvals process, host directory, and team.

Data Privacy Where It Matters

No more shared teams. Every tenant can manage their own team and their own data in line with their policies and regulatory requirements. Give back control to ensure their data stays private.

Seamless Visitor Experience

Check in any tenant from any kiosk instead of having a separate kiosk for each tenant. This enables a smoother visitor experience by simplifying the decision-making process.


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