Building Health or Sustainability? Choose Both.

Indoor air quality (IAQ) guidelines continue to evolve, often calling for energy-intensive safety measures while sustainable energy use is also increasingly prioritized. But for many organizations, this has posed a difficult tradeoff. You shouldn’t have to choose between a building that’s either healthy or sustainable. Achieve both with a cost-effective service to dynamically optimize indoor air quality at the lowest energy use. Performance+ | Energy Optimization is a cloud-based subscription that adjusts your HVAC system using real-time analytics to meet IAQ needs and energy optimization. No need for IT expertise. No maintenance. No capital expenses. Simply pay for the service via your operating budget.

Choose one of three modes. The system does the rest.

No matter which mode you use, the system keeps IAQ levels above thresholds set by the RESET™ Air Standard for Commercial Interiors v2.0 – while leveraging the most cost-effective way to maintain the IAQ thresholds for that mode.


Maximize fresh air based on capacity of HVAC system. Ideal for high-occupancy periods, sensitive populations or applications.


“High Performance” IAQ level with optimal energy savings. Ideal for standard daily occupancy.


Highest energy savings, while maintaining “acceptable” IAQ level. Ideal for low-occupancy periods, off-season and holiday shutdowns.

How it works

Performance+ | Energy Optimization

Precisely identifies when to ventilate and for how long, using all 5 IAQ parameters – CO2 (carbon dioxide), PM2.5 (particulate matter), VOCs (volatile organic compounds), temperature, and humidity – so your building can optimize its air quality at the lowest energy use.

Occupant Well-Being & Productivity

Holistic occupant productivity and well-being with air, light and access optimization.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning based artificial intelligence (AI) for predictive control and insights of health and productivity parameters.

Energy Efficiency & Sustainability

Reduced energy expense, improved operator efficiency, reduced carbon footprint.


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