Save Fuel. Shrink Your Carbon Footprint.

Burning less fuel not only saves money, it enables more sustainable operations by reducing greenhouse emissions associated with air travel. Conventional flight reporting software analyzes fuel consumption information and reports results post-flight, which is good only for historical tracking and training purposes. Honeywell Flight Efficiency takes things to a whole new level. Our cloud-based solution uses deep data analytics to equip airlines and flight crews with actionable insights they can use to reduce fuel consumption and cut carbon emissions with every flight.

How it works

Meet aviation's most sophisticated analytics platform that delivers solutions, drives higher profits, and increases aircraft availablility.

Emissions Reduction

A growing number of airlines have committed to becoming carbon neutral in the decades ahead. Honeywell is on the same path and has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2035. Our commitment also extends to applying our unique capabilities to helping our airline customers achieve their sustainability objectives with Honeywell Flight Efficiency – the industry’s most advanced and capable enterprise performance management solution. Emissions reduction features and benefits include:
  • Near-real-time monitoring of fuel load and burn
  • Fleet and aircraft drill downs
  • Statistical taxi and holding fuel planning
  • Contingency fuel calculations to meet regulatory requirements
  • Easily expand from one fleet to multiple 

Deep Data Analytics

  • Trend monitoring and dynamic insights
  • Unlock efficiency opportunities for fuel managers, dispatch, flight crews and more
  • 600+ checks applied on all flights
  • Anomaly identification and root cause analysis
  • Automated and configurable data collection process 

Enterprise Features

  • Third-party BI integration services
  • Aircraft-by-aircraft comparison of KPIs
  • Actionable notifications in-app or via email
  • Custom KPIs and reports
  • User-specific instances with customizable dashboards
  • Collaborate and share insights across the organization
  • Enterprise consulting, onboarding, and support


  • Modern, intuitive and user-friendly experience
  • Achieve more speed and scalability
  • Accelerate deployment
  • Full access and ownership over your data
  • No “black box” architecture for greater data transparency

Flight Ops Users

  • Advanced trajectory analytics with vertical and horizontal visualizations
  • Examine hundreds of flight events per flight
  • Dedicated Pilot Connect EFB app for sharing pre- and post-flight insights and reports 

Other Use Cases

  • Enabling cross-domain insights for maintenance, flight safety, ground ops and more
  • Alternative fuel scheme planning and consulting
  • Future-proof SAF readiness
  • CI Actual, shortcut detection algorithm, Aircraft Performance Monitoring and Idle Factors


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