Stay On Plan Amidst the Chaos

A streamlined delivery network is more than getting from A to B. It’s about orchestrating the symphony of assets, labor, and inventory when unexpected spikes or failures occur.

Software for Retail Warehouse Action. That’s Honeywell Forge.

Honeywell Forge is industrial-grade software built for productivity, sustainability, and transformation.

Orchestrate Your Operations with Every Team

Honeywell Forge creates a system of record for warehouse operational technology so that all your teams are working towards the same goal with the same data.

Immediately Expose Hidden Inefficiencies

Honeywell Forge is built to improve the visibility and accuracy of warehouse data. Focus on the faults that most impact throughput to help streamline warehouse operations.

Leverage Asset Health to Boost Throughput

Honeywell Forge aggregates asset-level insights to help detect and remediate OT faults before they create downstream effects.

Operational Outcomes

Honeywell Forge is an Enterprise Performance Management solution for Retail Warehouse built to:

Enable Operational Control

Manage asset and worker volatility centrally to help improve warehouse throughput.

Improve Quality Output

Activate data-driven optimizations to help keep the cost per item shipped down.

Drive Your ESG Strategy

Efficiently measure, evaluate, and better control warehouse energy systems.

Improve Asset Uptime

Monitor and analyze assets to help optimize performance and extend the lifecycle.

Improve Labor Utilization

Empower workers to do more and be more with training and field support devices.

Cybersecurity for Operational Technology

Help detect and more accurately mitigate cyber threats to OT assets to better protect your operations.