Practical 5G for Industry and Defense: Honeywell Connected Defense at Qualcomm 5G Summit

If you are in the Digital Transformation business like we are, then you are likely a big fan of the world’s leading wireless tech innovator, Qualcomm. So, when they invited Honeywell to speak at their annual Qualcomm 5G Summit, it was a no-brainer to accept.

That is what brought Luke C. Robertson, Sr. Director Business Development for Honeywell Connected Defense, to the Qualcomm 5G Summit stage with his presentation “Practical 5G for Industry and Defense.” It is not enough that a technology like 5G is extraordinary; it needs to be practical and ready to solve today’s challenges. Moreover, the way it delivers value needs to be clearly articulated to customers and end users – specifically as it relates to their unique needs. It is up to the 5G innovators to understand their customers’ challenges and develop practical solutions while ultimately cultivating more industry literacy around this exciting technology.

In his talk, Luke addressed this challenge and several other topics related to 5G and digital transformation, including:

  • How can innovators skillfully address the pragmatism of defense leaders? 
  • What do customers really buy? (Hint: it’s not technology!)
  • How can 5G support an instantly valuable “digital depot”?
  • Is 5G the silver bullet that can futureproof today’s infrastructure for future needs?
  • Why does “the future is what we make it” resonate and what does it really mean?

To find out the answers, watch Luke’s presentation here.