HCE @ The Georgia Technology Summit

Several senior members of Honeywell Connected Enterprise (HCE) participated in the Georgia Technology Summit. Among those invited were our CIO, Danielle Evans and our former CFO Mike Spencer. Muthu Sabarenthinam, VP of Enterprise Analytics also hosted the “AI Enabled Workforce” panel.  HCE CMO Ron McMurtrie took to the stage as one of the TAG Tech Board & Executive Committee Members.

Evans was part of an enlightening discussion on the topic of “No Code Low Code - Rapid Application Realization.” Speaking passionately about how organizations can’t afford to “move at the pace of yesterday,” she also warned that we need to make sure standards and consistency are always implemented when dealing with No Code Low Code solutions. She urged the audience to focus on both speed and “guardrails” when it comes to rolling out these kinds of solutions.

In the session of “Tech For The Greater Good,” Spencer spoke at length about why he loves working in software. The reason? Because at its core, software is designed to render all kinds of tasks more efficient, which then makes it easier for all of us to contribute to the greater good. For example, Honeywell Connected Enterprise can help industrials become more efficient, which then reduces emissions, all while all parties are able to do business and earn money. In other words, HCE software offers a win-win-win situation to the planet, our customers and even to HCE.

The HCE team really enjoyed the opportunity to share the stage with so many digital-first organizations like MailChimp, AT&T and Microsoft. We learned a lot and we hope our team’s insights sparked some helpful ideas and digital transformation strategy tips!