Meet The Team

Our leaders are some of the most innovative, forward-thinking, experienced business revolutionaries out there.
David Trice
David Trice

Kevin Dehoff
President & CEO, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Usman Shuja
VP GM, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Jeff Zindel
VP GM, Cybersecurity, Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Piers Wells
Chief Strategy Officer,
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

David Trice
VP GM, Connected Safety & Productivity;
Chief Product Officer, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Murali Mandi
VP and GM,
Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Dr. Oxana K. Pickeral
President & CEO | Sparta Systems, a Honeywell Company 

Phillippe Chevrier
Honeywell Connected Aerospace

Ali Kille
VP, General Counsel,
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Mehul Patel
Chief Technology Officer & VP of Engineering, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Dave Pasternak
VP of Human Resources,
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Mike Spencer
Mike Spencer

Jessica Walter
VP and Chief Financial Officer, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Muthu Sabarethinam
VP of Enterprise Analytics,
Honeywell Connected Enterprise

Ravikrishnan (Ravi) Srinivasan
VP, GM, Industrial Innovation for the Breakthrough Initiative (BTI) business, Honeywell Connected Enterprise 

Ron McMurtrie
Chief Marketing & Commercial Excellence Officer, Honeywell Connected Enterprise